Flexible heater

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For heating of all kinds of hoppers, tanks, pumps, valves and pipelines. Capable of retaining heat. Ideal products compatible with heated substances and working environments are designed to order. We offer a wide range of heater types including detachable and integrated heaters to meet all kinds of requirements


Cover heater

The integrated heater and heat insulating material eliminates the extra work of heater tracing and heat insulating work, and has an excellent effect on running costs.。

Heat insulation cover

A flexible and removable product that has been treated for mounting by integrating a heat insulating material and an exterior cover.

Tape heater / Ribbon heater

Flexible heater with double braided and meandering processing of ultra-fine twisted wire of heating element nickel loam with heat-resistant fiber.
Maximum operating temperature 200 ℃ ~ 500 ℃

Thin tape heater

The heating element nichrome ultra-fine wires are arranged in parallel and sandwiched between thin polyimide tapes.This type is ideal for pipe heating and thermal insulation, especially in places with dust and drip-proof requirements.

Cord heater

This heater is coated over its entire length except at the ends to make the product dust and drip proof.The product can be order made to match customers’working conditions and needs.


Other heaters

We can also propose new product development according to customer needs.

Silicone rubber heater

A heater with a surface shape in which a heat generation resistor is sandwiched between silicone rubber sheets, which is flexible and has a thin sheet shape, so it has excellent thermal responsiveness.

Plate heater

A thin plate-shaped heater in which nichrome wire is insulated with a heat-resistant mica plate and the outer circumference is strengthened with stainless steel or bonded steel plate.

Sheath heater / Band heater

A band heater that uses heat-resistant mica as an insulator and attaches it to a cylindrical non-heater to heat it. A sheath heater in which a spiral heating element is passed through the center of a metal pipe and filled with a highly insulating powder with good heat conduction.


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