Pressure-resistant hoses; Ribbon and jacket heaters for heated hose

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*High advanced original technology
*Order made style
*Half of century achivement
*Attention to technology development

■Developed a heated hose that is resistant to trauma and breakage, and a ribbon / cover heater that does not break.

■Hose for heat retention, temperature rise, constant temperature transportation. Heat-resistant temperature up to 500 C, pressure-resistant up to 72.5Mpa

■Individually designed materials, sizes, and shapes according to temperature, pressure, and site environment, and supports special specifications (drip-proof specifications, dew condensation countermeasures, dust-proof specifications, etc.)

■Unique know-how and reliable technology

■Technology top priority development as a research institute

Product Line


Heated hose

▼Heated hose

High pressure resin (nylon) hose

▼High pressure resin (nylon) hose

Flexible heater

▼Flexible heater



■Food and medical products: used to deliver chocolate, wax, oil, cosmetics, etc
■Heating equipment: packaging, binding, plywood, diapers and other related adhesives and adhesive-related materials
■Automotive industry: used for the transmission of butyl rubber and urethane
■Resin molding: transmission of high-viscosity resin (PP, PE, acrylic, PVC, etc.), multi-layer molding
■Other: oil, grease, asphalt


Except for the above standard products, We can also provide specially-ordered high-precision products.Please contact us.


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