Ball Screws (Made In Japan)

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We, SANMI CORPORATION handles precision ball screws and rolled ball screws that are high Precision and High Reliability. We can communicate directly in Chinese and English , and we will promptly respond as part of everything from initial specification confirmation to shipping (export) and after-sales service.

Please feel free to contact us as you can select a variety of shaft diameter and lead combinations that suit the intended use and conditions, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robot installation.

Features of ball screw

■High Precision and High Reliability
The screw shaft and nut made of specially treated material are heat treated. Grinding by excellent equipment is made at a specified temperature. The ball screws are manufactured through a consistent flow of processes from material and assembly to inspection to provide high precision and high reliability.

■Shorter Delivery Time and Lower Price
The standardization and quantity production of screw shafts and nuts allows delivery of lower priced products on shorter times.

■Shaft End Machining Finish and Expansion of Peripheral Parts
The shaft end machining finish is stand ardized along with an expansion of peripheral pafts including support units.

■Good durability and high transmission rate
The screw shaft and nut in contact through balls assures reduced abrasion and smoothness to provide higher transmission efficiency. Therefore the accuracy can be kept with smaller degradation even in prolonged use.

■Gothic arc groove
The Gothic arc groove is employed for the thread groove. For this groove,the axial clearance can be reduced. Even with one nut,the rigidity can be increased by making the clearance zero and preloading.

List of products


Precision ball screw

Classified by accuracy grade, standard
products are set for each series.

▼Precision ball screw

Rolled ball screw

The standard product is a rolled ball screw
with lead accuracy of Ct10 grade.

▼Rolled ball screw


other than this, we also have

・ Support unit: Dedicated support unit for various ball screws
・ Feed screw (triangular, trapezoidal, square screw):made-to-order product

Please feel free to contact us as we also handle custom-made products (made-to-order products) with separate consultation.

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